About us

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We are Sera and David from the Netherlands. David was born and raised in the Netherlands. Sera moved here from Germany roughly 9 years ago.

Already at an early age Sera was on the trails with many different types of dogs. She was allowed to take out several dogs in her neighborhood and she totally loved it. That love for dogs stayed with her for a long time.

Finally many many years later the idea of having a dog took a more concrete shape and eventually it was made possible by changing work routines and of course also some daily life routines. David who turned out to be equally dog (and pet) crazy was more than just fond of the idea, which turned reality in 2014.

Our first Swiss White Shepherd Leo came to live with us at 8 weeks of age and we went through all of the first-time-dog-owner things. But from day 1 it was clear that the dogs in our house are part of our family. And that will never change… Our passion for our dogs is often seen as a “bit” crazy, but how do you explain this to non-dog-people? You simply can’t :). So yeah, if that’s crazy – then crazy is good!