White Shepherd Puppies

***Update 28-05-2018***

Friday 25-05-2018 our strong girl Yuki gave birth to 6 males and 2 females within 4 hours of time. Afterwards we went to the vet for a checkup and all puppies are healthy and strong, no problems whatsoever. We had an x-ray made to make sure Yuki was empty and indeed she was. So we could go home reliefed and now enjoy the bliss! Yuki is a born mother, she is taking care of the puppies so very well! We are so proud!


Our first litter is planned for spring 2018!
We expect Yuki to go in heat end of January to begin of February! Exciting times 🙂
*Update: End of April we will know if Yuki is pregnant

Farah Lupa Jonah’s White Joy “Yuki” x Love me Legend for the Joy of Life “Leo”

Yuki: HD A (free), ED 0 (free), MDR1 +/+ (free), DM n/n (free)
Dutch Junior Champion 2016
Dutch Champion 2017
Birthdate: 03-06-2015
Lady Quinta uit het Noorden x Liquid Gold of the Heart of Lothian

Leo: HD A (free), ED 0 (free), MDR1 +/+ (free), DM n/n (free)
Birthdate: 01-08-2014
Bonita Aylen von den Weissen Wupper Wölfen x Caely’s White Flower Evening Star